Workshop #1 at Mainz


Group picture at Mainz

ARAMACC students and trainers outside the Naturwissenschaft building at JGU Mainz


Number four of the seven ARAMACC training events is now underway at Mainz, where the students have been sitting as editorial boards reviewing one of Chris Richardson’s papers.  With Chris leading the session it will be interesting to see what they have to say about it [later note: some boards were highly critical, but the prestigious Bikini Bottom Science Reviews required only minor revisions]

Yesterday our invited speaker Thierry Correge, editor in chief at Paleo3, gave an informed and fascinating talk about publishing and the many changes that are in the offing and working their way through the industry.

The final three days of the workshop were devoted to practical work with the different techniques that are used at Mainz, including CF-IRMS, ICP-OES and LA-ICP-MS.  Thanks to the trainers Al Wanamaker, Bernd Schöne, Michael Maus and Thomas Tütken.