Julien Thébault

julien_thebaultMy passion for marine biology dates back to my childhood when I spent most of my summer holidays looking at biodiversity in intertidal pools.

I am currently Associate Professor at the University of Western Brittany in September 2009, where I hold a chair from the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement.  I teach zoology, biology of populations and ecosystems, marine ecology, and sclerochronology to undergraduate and graduate students.  My research at the Laboratoire des Sciences de l’Environnement Marin (LEMAR) currently deals with assessment of anthropogenic and climatic influences on structure and functioning of coastal ecosystems, and especially on phytoplankton dynamics, through geochemical records in mollusk shells from polar, temperate and tropical settings.

The core of my research activities deal with extracting, analyzing and understanding structural and geochemical proxies archived in shells of freshwater and marine mollusks in order (i) to get information on their life-history traits (growth, longevity, metabolism, reproduction), and (ii) to assess past and present variability of environmental conditions (temperature, salinity, primary production, pollutions, etc.).

My role in ARAMACC is as supervisor of the WP1 project “Construction of long annually-resolved sclerochronologies using Glycymeris spp from Iberia, NW France and the Mediterranean” (with ARAMACC researcher Amy Featherstone)