James Scourse

JamesScourseI am currently Professor of Marine Geology at School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University and Director of the Climate Change Consortium of Wales (C3W).

My principle research interest is to unravel novel palaeoceanographic records from shallow marine sediments and annually-resolved biological archives, involving a thorough understanding of processes and proxy calibration, with the overall objective of understanding the significance of hydrodynamic and biogeochemical processes and feedbacks in shallow marine environments within the global climate system.

My role in ARAMACC is as supervisor of the WP1 projects “Variability of Atlantic inflow using sclerochronology: Scotland-Norway branch of the North Atlantic Current (with ARAMACC researcher Stella Alexandroff) and “Holocene climate variability in UK waters based on Arctica islandica sclerochronology” (with ARAMACC researcher Juan Estrella Martínez) and co-supervisor of the WP1 project “Variability of Atlantic inflow using sclerochronology: Faroes inflow branch” (with ARAMACC researcher Fabian Bonitz).