Carin Andersson Dahl

carinI am currently a research scientist working at Uni Research in the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research and specializing in palaeoclimatology.

My research focuses on the study of paleoceanography and palaeoclimatology in both Recent and geological times.


My work includes:

  1. The use of stable isotopes and other geochemical tools to investigate paleoclimates and ocean history as recorded in deep-sea sediments and accretionary carbonates;
  2. High-resolution climate and seasonality reconstructions from annually banded records, such as bivalve shells, fish otoliths and cold water corals;
  3. Research into ocean acidification;
  4. Marine micropaleontology;
  5. Radiocarbon and U/Th dating

My role in ARAMACC is as the main supervisor of the WP1 projects based at UniRes Bergen “Variability of Atlantic inflow using sclerochronology: Faroes inflow branch” (with ARAMACC researcher Fabian Bonitz) and “Variability of Atlantic inflow using sclerochronology: northern Norway” (with ARAMACC researcher Tamara Trofimova).