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Merry Christmas to all our ARAMACC friends!

christmas-card-2016-to-aramaccAnother year has passed and, unbelievably, this will be the last year of ARAMACC and my last Christmas greeting.  Still, we have the final workshop to look forward to, taking place in January and centred around the Arctic Frontiers conference.  Watch out for more details about that very soon.

2016 featured the Summer School in Split and our appearence en masse at the 4th sclerochronology conference in Portland (our Portland contingent are pictured in the Christmas message above).

ARAMACC publications are starting to appear, and I’ve opened a page for them on the website (please help me to keep it updated).

And we even have our first PhD, Stefania, who has somehow got the whole thing done and dusted before even three years are up !!  Absolutely fantastic performance, Stef.

So, enjoy your holidays everybody.  I think 2017 will be a great year for ARAMACC outputs and, let’s hope, some continuation projects … (And the death of Brexit, sooner rather than later; I want copllaboration with you lot to remain straighforward!)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Cockle picking on the tidal flats

Wednesday 28th October.  Day 3: Rob Witbaard and Chris Richardson led the group in some practical fieldwork investigating variability of shellfish distribution.  We took advantage of some decent weather to step out of the classroom to a nearby tidal flat where we collected cockles along three 300 metre transects then took them back to the lab to measure them and assess the length frequency distribution along the transects.

Cockle Group 2

Ready for action!


Chris and quadrat

Chris shows Irene and Ariadna how to randomly position a quadrat then hold it in position in the mud


Sieving cockles

Sarah and Juliane sieve some chunks of mud …


Cockles out of the ooze

… and slowly the cockles emerge out of the primeval slime


A luverly bag of cockles

“I’ve got a luverly bag of cockles”
Tamara (with fork), Rob (with quadrat), Stella (with scarf and wellies) and Chris (proudly displaying his cockles) after a good days work









Cockle density plot

We even got some results. Density increased strongly towards low water, but there was a sudden cutoff at the edge of the intertidal zone, perhaps because the sediment became more sandy.









Cooked cockles

But in the end you just have to cook your fieldwork ….



















Cockles on table

… and eat it !







Pictures from the Faroes cruise

Faroes panorama AR


Now that we are back from a very successful cruise to the Faroes and Viking Bank, we can decorate the website with some of the many pictures that were taken on the cruise.  Shortly I will put up a page on the Pictures menu, but first, Alejandro’s Flickr page is worth a visit for some stunning seascapes (such as the moody panaorama of the Faroes above) and pictures of some of the wildlife which paid us a temporary visit before being returned to the deep …

Hermit Crab AR

The business end of a hermit crab Photo Alejandro Roman