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ARAMACC at ISC2016 Portland

ARAMACC at Portland 2

Here’s ARAMACC opposite the hotel where the 4th International Sclerochronology Conference (ISC2016) was held earlier this month.  We can all be proud of the significant contribution that ARAMACC made;  about 25% of all talks and posters were by ARAMACC ESRs or their supervisors or people formally associated with ARAMACC.  The contingent from outside the US was overwhelmingly dominated by ARAMACC people.

Some of us were giving our first talks at a major international conference, and having done a practice session beforehand, they all went pretty well.  Question time was by no means easy, but we dealt with them well, and if there was a prize for feistiness it would go to Maria with a spirited defence of modelling that I certainly won’t forget in a hurry.  In the realm of real prizes, congratulations to Tamara who got an award for her poster.  You’ll find lots of pictures from the conference on the Sclerochronology Facebook page.

Thanks especially to Al Wanamaker who organised the conference in spite of living and working 2000 kilometres away in Iowa. I know it was a tough assignment, and while the venue was excellent and we were all comfortable there, it was undoubtedly very expensive.

Looking to the future, the next sclero conference in 2019 will be organised by one of our own – Melita Peharda from Split has taken up the baton.  All of us who have been there know it’s a beautiful venue and I hope over the next three years we can all play a part in making ISC2019 a great success!


Melita Peharda announces ISC2019




Where the Wind Blows

Tuesday May 20th, Room G23, Thoday Building, Deiniol Road, Bangor

“Where the Wind Blows” was a a double-headed Public Lecture on the history of our unpredictable weather and how it is influenced by conditions in the North Atlantic ocean.  The event was sponsored by ARAMACC and the Climate Change Consortium for Wales, and the talks were given by Professor Valerie Trouet and Professor James Scourse.

Valerie Trouet works and teaches at the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, University of Arizona.  She has written influential papers on many aspects of the climate system, including the history of the North Atlantic Oscillation, and was a visiting teacher at the ARAMACC Summer School 1.

James Scourse is Professor of Marine Geology at School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University and Director of C3W.  He is well known in the fields of glaciology and palaeoceanography, and is Principal Investigator on the ARAMACC project.

The two talks are now available to listen to on Panopto (you will need to download Silverlight to connect):

Valerie’s talk is available only as sound:

A tree-ring based reconstruction of North Atlantic jetstream variability over the last 250 years

while James’ talk can be accessed as sound as slides:

Climate and weather of the last 500 years: the NAO, storminess and the North Wales coastscape

See the poster here