The biggest Arctica ever !


Ben Allinson, Sarah Holmes and Stella Alexandroff in the coffee room at School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor with a 130mm Arctica islandica shell.

The other day we received delivery at Bangor of the biggest Arctica islandica shell any of us had ever seen.  To put this in context, up until now I’d thought they couldn’t get bigger than about 122mm at the widest point.  This one came out at a cool 130mm.  It was found on a beach on the Hebridean island of Lewis by Roy Bentham, a retired truck driver who takes a keen interest in our work.

Stella will be working on its sclerochronology, so as and when we measure the growth increments we’ll let you know how long it lived and whether we can fit it into a chronology.

- Paul Butler