ARAMACC is underway!

ARAMACC is now underway.

 10 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) have now been appointred or are about to be appointed at six centres across Europe.  Each ESR position is attached to a host university for the award of a PhD.

The ESRs will be trained in the full range of skills associated with shell-ring research   (sclerochronology), including climate reconstruction, climate modelling, biological and environmental drivers of shell growth, and novel geochemical proxies.

From the point of view of the relatively new science of sclerochronology, ARAMACC presents a great opportunity to move the field forward with an injection of new blood and new ideas.  

The ESRs will working on projects based around four broad application groups (Work Packages 1-4):

WP 1.       Five projects involving shell-based chronology construction and the reconstruction of marine variability in the northeast Atlantic region (based at Bergen, Norway (x2), Bangor, UK (x2) and Brest, France)

WP 2.       One project working with aplications to climate modelling applications (based at Helmholtz-Zentrum, Geesthacht, Germany)

WP 3.       Two  projects will focus on the biological and environmental drivers of shell growth (based at NIOZ, Netherlands, and at IOF, Split, Croatia)

WP 4.       Two projects will involve the development of novel shell proxies (trace element incorporation and shell crystal fabrics; both based at Mainz, Germany)