Audrey Geffen

AudreyGeffenI am a professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Bergen. My research is concerned with the environmental effects on the growth and composition of fish otoliths, and their use in studying the movements and population structure in fish. I also have expertise in larval fish ecology and pelagic trophodynamics. I have worked in the USA on species interactions of larval fish, and in the UK and in Norway on topics ranging from larval fish ecology to stock discrimination and reproductive biology. I am involved in theoretical and applied research on the growth and formation of fish otoliths. I have also pioneered exploration of different techniques of analyzing otolith composition.

My role in ARAMACC is as co-supervisor of the WP1 projects based at UniRes Bergen “Variability of Atlantic inflow using sclerochronology: Faroes inflow branch” (with ARAMACC researcher Fabian Bonitz) and “Variability of Atlantic inflow using sclerochronology: northern Norway” (with ARAMACC researcher Tamara Trofimova).